SLDPC Library

Doberman Specific Reference Books:
The World of the Doberman Pinscher, by Anna Katherine Nicholas
The New Doberman Pinscher, by Joanna Walker
This is the Doberman Pinscher, by Louise Zeigler Spier & Evelyn Miller
The Book of the Doberman Pinscher, by Joan McDonald Brearley
Doberman Pinschers, by Kerry Donally
Doberman Pinschers, by Hilary Harmer

Doberman Specific Novels:
Stray Dog, by Carol Beach York
Max The Dog That Refused To Die, Kyra Petrovskaya Wayne

Doberman Magazines:
Doberman Quarterly (Incomplete)
Doberman Digest (Incomplete)
UDC Focus (Incomplete)

Doberman Specific Articles: Many, not yet cataloged
SLDPC Show Catalogs: Since 1991
SLDPC Newsletters: Since 1991

Dog Books:
Stray Dog, by Carol Beach York
The Dog Who Loved Too Much, Dr. Nicholas Dodman
Second Hand Dog, Carol Lea Benjamin

Animal Planet's Breed All About It - The Doberman Pinscher
War Dogs, America's Forgotten Heros
PBS - Man's Best Friend
AKC - To Be The Best
AKC - Reaching Out
AKC - The Canine Good Citizen Program
AKC - The Beginner's Guide To Dog Shows
How You Can Save Your Dog's Life - First Aid For Dogs

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